Greek Chef based in New York City


About My Story

Nicholas Poulmentis is a Chopped Champion and has appeared in many Food network shows and TBS “Rat In the Kitchen”. Poulmentis was born in New York City to Greek parents but left the U.S. when he was a year old to the Greek island of Kythria. Decades later, he followed his parent’s footsteps and returned to NYC, where he conquered the culinary scene.

Nicholas steps into the Kellari Taverna kitchen in midtown Manhattan bringing with him more than 20 years of experience with Mediterranean-style cuisine. He was the former executive chef at Marathi Bistro, Theo’s Oyster Bar etc.

He is now the executive corporate chef and partner of Noema group. . He studied at the S.T.E. Anavyssos, the leading culinary school in Greece and at Le Gordon Bleu’.

Chef Nicholas was a guest chef at the White House (2013 and 2015), instructed at Fed-Cup culinary school, gave lessons at De Gustibus Macy’s cooking school and teaches at 100 pleats. He has appeared in IMDA, Beat Bobby Flay & has hosted the NYCWFF 2022 with Carla Hall.